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Poughkeepsie Commons will become home to eligible homeless and disabled veterans with incomes up to 60% of the area median income level.

Your gross annual income and income from assets cannot exceed $36,660 for 1 person,
$41,880.00 for 2 people All income and assets must be verifiable. Income will be re-certified annually. 

Credit check, criminal, background and prior landlord history will be performed.

There is a maximum of two (2) people in each apartment


We will need a copy of all income information

    W2's, Social Security or pension statements (if you receive either)

    Any asset information such as IRA’s, 401k, CD's, checking, savings, etc.

There is no deposit required.

Pets will be allowed, though there are limitations as to numbers, types and sizes of acceptable pets. A pet security deposit will be required.

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